SAL(T) La Podcast


Episode 2: ROMA & Resolutions

¡Feliz Año Nuevo, y'all! SAL(T): La Podcast is back and this month we talk about Alfonso Cuaron's cinematic masterpiece, ROMA, and new years resolutions. Tune in and slide into those IG dms with any questions/comments/feedback!

Also, apologies for the poor sound quality on this episode. Our sound tech and comrade, Nico of Radio Espacio was not in during recording and we failed to set up the mics properly.


Episode 1: What is SAL(T)?

First episode of SAL(T) La Podcast's new monthly podcast. Hosts Stella and Magally chat about the founding of SAL(T), their participation at the 13th annual Historical Materialism Conference in London and about the importance of challenging what it means to be a knowledge producer and organic intellectual.

(Illustration by Manuel Lopez IG: @meaunl_lpoez)